Embedded Design

Embedded Electronics

Embedded Electronic Design & Development Professional 16 / 32 Bit Development From John Heritage I have been designing with embedded electronics and embedded micro systems, since the early 1990s, and the industry has progressed on a long way. It fair to say the early micros were fairly limited in power, performance and feature set, compared with […]


SPI BUS Electronic Design & Firmware by Embedded Design Engineer John Heritage   SPI BUS (Serial Peripheral Interface) The Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) is a synchronous serial bus developed by Motorola and present on many of their microcontrollers. I currently design and program daily using the SPI protocol when communication between peripheral ICs and the […]

KeyPad Design

KeyPad Design & Firmware by Embedded Design Engineer John Heritage  

USB Electronic Design

Universal Serial Bus (USB) Electronic Design & Firmware

Microwire BUS

Microwire BUS Electronic Design & Firmware by John Heritage   Microwire BUS Microwire is a three-wire synchronous interface developed by National Semiconductor and present on their COP8 processor family. Similar to SPI, Microwire is a master/slave bus, with serial data out of the master (SO), and serial data in to the master (SI), and signal […]

Microchip PIC vs Atmel AVR

John Heritage Video Blog Area ….. Excellent Videos From Engineer Dave Jones. A collection of my favorite video’s from electronics engineer David Jones, I adore Davids sense of humor and what makes him tick in the electronics world! I have spent many hours watching him and very often agree with most of his views and […]


RS-232 Electronic Design & Firmware by Embedded Design Engineer John Heritage RS-232 RS-232 is one of the very first serial protocols I leaned fully and worked with back in the 1980’s. My BBC B Computer back in the day had a serial port and was technically an “RS-432” port, electrically different to, but compatible with, RS-232 […]