Professional Test, Repair & Fault Finding

Professional Test, Repair & Fault Finding

The Basics In Electronics

From a very early age I was learning the basic fundamentals of electronics, including the theory and knowledge that goes along with it. It’s fair to say I started learning a ground roots level and have worked my way up through the different ranks over many years, I still have a keen thirst and passion to keep learning new technologies. Most of my precious time at present is spent designing microprocessor based products, though in the past many hours have been spent in electronic labs servicing professional high end Audio, Video Equipment, Control Systems, etc. This has included full audio output stage changes, in depth fault finding, replacing faulty parts, calibration and setup, etc. This practical hands on knowledge and experience has been immeasurably valuable, as I fully understand the fundamentals of how systems operate and function.

My electronic studying and education started for me at the age of 10 and since those days, I have virtually been involved with the design, repair and installation of every type of electronic product for one reason or another. Electronics has always been my passion and I have found over the years, when a particular product has ceased working! that’s the time when I have gained most knowledge. It’s the case of having to understand, as in depth research and  circuit diagram analysis is required to get to the bottom of the problem. I am also very confident and knowledgeable in using a vast range of highly advanced test equipment including Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Logic Analysers, Signal Generators, Bench Power Supplies, Multimeters etc.

Expertise In Test, Repair & Fault Finding

My initial electronics role years ago following my studies was head test engineer / technician with several large companies (Gould Electronics, Marconi, STC, ANC Electronics) this entailed various aspects of repairing, fault finding and problem solving electronics. Failure in my world is never an option! so when an item is faulty or does not work, I will not stop until achieve self satisfaction with solving the issues. I have repaired and serviced many professional items over the years, including……

  • Pro Audio and Video equipment
  • Studer Reel Reel Broadcast Machines
  • Pro Studio Audio Mixers
  • Professional Power Amplifiers, Crown, QSC, Studio Master
  • Mat Amp & Formula Sound Mixers
  • Pioneer Pro DJ mixer and CD players.
  • Pulsar Professional DMX Lighting Equipment

Professional Test, Repair & Fault Finding

John Heritage Professional Fault & Repair Services

As you will see, I do not board change like some engineers, that’s too easy! I repair down to component level utilising my array of test equipment, logic analysers, digital oscilloscopes, etc. I will not lie! some of the previous faults I have encountered, have been most challenging, but the satisfaction factor in solving the problems has been immense. As you can see I am fully qualified in most areas of electronics, and I have a very strong knowledge in the Pro Audio, Video, Lighting and Control Systems.