PCB Repair Service

PCB Professional Repair Service From John Heritage

When Components Burnout!

WEEE RecycleFrom time to time control systems, electronic components and PCB’s do fail, thus many engineers simply order a new PCB and replace the faulty offending Print Circuit Board. Depending on the complexity of the PCB and control electronics a new PCB can sometimes cost many hundreds of pounds. Professional control electronics are often designed using very high end components for reliability and endurance reflecting in the end price of a replacement control PCB.
weee_in_chinaRather than disposing of a faulty PCB, it can often be very cost effective to have the PCB professional repaired and serviced, saving many hundreds of pounds on purchasing a new control board.

Recycling faulty electronics is also very green for the environment and part of WEEE Recycling program. It is much more logical to recycle a faulty PCB and give it a new lease of life, ensuring the board has been fully serviced, professionally repaired and tested, than wasting good money and having to dispose of the old faulty circuit board.

Industrial Electronic Repairs

I have repaired many types of industrial control electronics and catering equipment control circuit boards offering a unique professional service. Some of the items previously repaired and serviced by myself are….

  • Air Conditioning Unit PCB’s
  • Commercial Microwaves and Combination ovens
  • Dishwashers
  • Ice makers
  • Ovens and grills
  • Hot Cupboards
  • Servery Counters
  • Bosch & Hobart Dish/Glass Washers
  • Hobart Mixers and Blenders
  • Vending Machines
  • Tesco Till Checkouts
  • Power Supply Boards

In most commercial industrial control system equipment, there will be a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and if this fails, a replacement part can be very costly. I can offer a full repair and professional service and ensure the complete work in undertaken in minimal time.