PCB Design & Layout Services

Professional PCB Design & Layout Services

For more information, please click on above images or feel free to contact me and discuss your PCB design requirements further. I specialise in designing professional PCB circuitry to a very high standard and specification using the very latest CAD design software (Altium). I design both discrete electronic component boards and surface mount boards

My choice of PCB Design software is Altium Designer, I am part of the Altium Online Community and converse daily with other PCB designers around the world. Although Altium PCB software is very expensive to purchase, I believe it is truly one of the very best design environments for professional PCB design engineers to layout schematics and PCB designs. I have invested in many hours of training in Altium PCB Design Software, I am fully confident in vertically every aspect of Altium Designer Software Version 15 (2015). I design professional PCB’s every day of the week as you can see below, please feel free to click / play the 3D Altium videos below of my recent PCB designs.

These PCB designs have been created and designed by John Heritage (Jan 2015) and use many different types of components and design technollogy, ACTEL FPGA, Micro Processor, RAM, FLASH Memory, Level Shifting, FET Switching & Current Sensing, DC-DC Converters, Video Switching & Amplification, etc.

The above video files are 3D movie files of current designs I am working on in Altium PCB Design Software, these PCB designs are fairly complex consisting of 6 layers of PCB design, including power planes and ground planes.


For all your professional PCB design requirements, please feel free to contact me, I will have a solution taylor-made to your design.

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