Ethernet Web Page Control Systems

Ethernet Web Page Control Systems Embedded Microcontroller

Way back in the early 1990s, I was commissioned by one of the largest Swimming Pool manufacturers in the UK to design an intelligent Swimming Pool & Spa Bath electronic control system. Back then micro controllers were fairly limited and I opted for an 8bit micro with barely enough memory to accept a C compiler, though very powerful back then, the micros were nothing like what is on offer today. Trying to integrate embedded electronic control systems to the internet in the past was always a tedious task, as only large computers (PC’s) were really designed for the internet. PC computers had many more resources on offer than a small 8bit micro controller, thus aiding TCP/IP protocols and internet traffic. Up until recently control systems were simply control systems and just did the job they were designed to do, as they never had enough power and resources to connect to the internet.

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The Way Forward In Future Designs

I’m very pleased to inform you things have changed, the new 32bit micros I am designing with are complete ethernet mini web servers, serving up multiple web pages that can be custom designed around any embedded control system. This is such an exciting time for designing electronic control systems, as it now means any electronic product can be designed and then controlled anywhere in the world or data can be logged and received from that product anywhere in the world. Connecting electronic products to the internet has opened up a whole new world of power that in the past was only ever a dream. It is estimated that within the next 10 years multiple items in your home and office will all have there own IP address and be connected to the internet allowing full control via the internet. I know this is true! because I am designing  such electronic items right here and now.


Internet 25 Years Old (2014)

On March 12th, 1989, Sir Tim Berners-Lee put forth a proposal to make information sharing possible over computers, using nodes and links to create a “web” that would eventually stretch worldwide and become the modern internet. Now, 25 years to the day after he disseminated that proposal, Berners-Lee has called for the internet he invented to stay free and open. He was also asked in 2014 has the internet now peaked being 25 years down the line as virtually most of the world is now connected to the world wide web. His reply was…. No, it has not even started to peak yet!, reason… everything electronic in the future will be connected and controlled via the internet. He stated sensors and micros are now becoming so cheap and powerful that virtually any product designed in the future can and should have internet control access.


Your Products Controlled via The Internet

Ethernet Web Page Control Systems are what I design, The control electronics is carefully designed to the specification of the customer and then I design professional custom made web pages to allow remote web control of the electronics.  Thus the web page design layout of the embedded electronics will show virtual gauges, buttons, switches, meters, leds, etc. This allows the product to be controlled via an internet web browsers and remotely accessed anywhere in the world via a static IP address. Firmware and software updates for products can also up achieved remotely via wireless and ethernet connections. To discuss the endless opportunities of making your products internet friendly please feel free to contact me.