Electronic Problem Solving

Electronic Problem Solving From John Heritage

My knowledge and expertise has been called on many times in the past for guidance and advice, with companies and individuals currently seeking assistance and help with problem based electronic products. These problems are often either hardware or software related issues. I have the expertise, know how and knowledge to address, problem solve and finally find cost effective solutions for problem related electronic products and control systems.

I have been commissioned by both large and small companies in the past to rectify and find suitable solutions to ongoing technical problems. Should you or your company be facing similar issues with your embedded electronics, please feel free to Contact Me and discuss the matter further.


Sometimes it can be a simple solution to remedy an ongoing problem, other times problem solutions can be a little more involved, either way there is always an answer to achieve rock solid reliability with your electronic products. You can see some of the different stages of fault finding, software debugging and prototyping here.


Technical Key Skills

(Electronic Skills & Services)
  • Embedded electronics design engineer, expertise in all areas of electronic with many years of design and Electronic Problem Solving.
  • I design and work daily with an extensive range of 8bit, 16bit and 32bit embedded micro computers (Microchip PIC) and electronics.
  • I have extensive knowledge in microprocessor base industrial & commercial control systems & equipment.
  • I have expertise in all areas of electronic analogue design, digital design, audio design, power supplies and control electronics.
  • Very knowledgeable and confident using ‘In Circuit Emulators’ (ICE), ‘IC Programmers’ and a full range of electronic test equipment.
  • Logic analysers and high speed digital storage oscilloscopes always aid me when fault finding high speed digital data.
  • Very knowledgeable with the design of CAN bus, SPI bus, I2C bus, UART RS232/485, Differential Line Drivers, Analog to Digital IC’s.
  • Design knowledge in TTL & CMOS Logic IC’s, decoders, encoders, line drivers, etc.
  • Electronic fault finding, Electronic Problem Solving and diagnostics at component level, using advanced test and workshop lab electronic equipment.
  • I have designed 100s of different prototype boards over the years for an array of different design projects.
  • Expertise in PCB design layout, PCB cad design drawings, pen plotting outputs & circuit diagrams both SMT & through hole.
  • PCB design theory is very important to me ensuring the use of ground planes, keeping tracks short, and avoiding earth loops.
  • Full knowledge in programming devices, microprocessor, OTP, memory, EEproms, Eproms, Roms, I2C, SPI Memory, Electronic Problem Solving.