Electronic Hardware Design

In House Electronic Hardware Design


Electronic Hardware Design From John Heritage


  • A-D Converters
  • Electronic Hardware Design
  • DC to 300MHz
  • Opto-Electronics
  • Sensors, Transducers
  • Control
  • 240 Volt Mains Control & Dimming
  • Audio, Class D
  • High Current to 25A, PWM


  • Logic, TTL, CMOS
  • Electronic Hardware Design
  • Microprocessors 8 to 32bit
  • PIC, etc
  • Real time, embedded
  • Digital Speech & Audio
  • Communications, USB, Ethernet, CAN, ZIGBEE, UART, other


As part of my electronics design expertise, I am able to offer efficient and intelligently laid out electronically aware PCB designs.

  • Surface Mount, Leaded, Flexy
  • Single / Double / Multi-Layered Design
  • Analogue / Digital / Mixed
  • High Density

Examples of my work

  • Swimming Pool & Spa Intelligent Control System

    1. Comprising of 2 Zones, Zone 1 (pool / spa area) I designed an  intrinsically safe control system to control the pool heating, pool pumps, pool chemicals, pool lighting, pool temperature etc. This was all achieved by using the intelligent CAN communications bus.
    2. Zone 2 was the Pool pumping station area (High Voltage (240V) / High Current), the digital control data was decoded via the CAN bus from the pool area control systems and then fed to the relevant power control electronics to drive the pool pumps, pool heaters, pool lighting, pool cover etc. This was all designed using microprocessors and high power solid state triacs, PWM, thus allowing speed control, temperature control and dimming of lighting.
    3. I commissioned the installation of my pools control system in Frank Bruno’s (Boxer) house a few years ago in Brentwood, Essex. As far as I know, it’s still there today working well.
  • Digital Speech Technology For The Automotive Industry

    1. I was commissioned to design a multi channel digital speech system for commercial vehicles working on both 12v/24v. The product would relays different speech messages in various languages via a range of different trigger signals from the vehicle for each message type.
    2. The multiple speech messages were sampled and stored in memory and via decoding each message could be replayed, I also designed the on board amplification and various logic stage for this product. There are many of these devices still working today on vehicles all over Europe.