Electronic Control Systems

Electronic Control Systems, Professional Design

Professional industrial control systems have always been a large part of my working life, and I have spent many hours over the years understanding the fundamentals of how control systems function and overseeing a large array of different Sensors, Actuators , Encoders, Motor Drives, Relay and Solid state Switching etc. Having a deep understanding of how electronic systems work, has allowed me to become a very confident design engineer, building from scratch some very highly acclaimed bespoke embedded electronic control designs. Whatever you control system requirements may be, I am more than happy to research in depth the design parameters and what is required to build a custom bespoke microprocessor control system, tailored to your exact specification. Because most electronic control systems today require the uses of a microprocessor, further benefits can be achieved by lowering the final cost of the product, as less components are required in the design due to powerful software programming. This also aids the reliability of the product design as less components equals less things to malfunction and fail.

Control Systems For The Big Boys


I offer electronic expertise and knowledge in commercial industrial control systems, and have previously worked on solutions and problem area’s for companies such as ANC electronics who sub contracted for Vauxhall Car plant Luton. The CNC control systems on the Vauxhall Luton assembly line required my electronic expertise to problem solve a faulty motor drive unit. The CNC Motor Drive XY bed that controlled the mastic sealant gun for the car windscreens was smashing it’s way through the windscreen one after another, thus disrupting and holding up the complete assembly line. After some deep circuit diagram analysis, testing and diagnosing I was pleased to have found the fault, being a faulty Digital to Analog (DAC) converter. The offending item was replaced and once again, cars were rolling of the Vauxhall Luton assembly line to the pleasure of line manager. No Matter what type of control requirement you may have, Motor, Temperature, Sound, Lighting, Video, Heating, etc. please feel free to discus your electronic requirements further by contacting me.