General I-O Digital Design

John Heritage Design & Development of Digital & Analog Inputs & Outputs, LCD Displays, LED Displays, Keypads, Audio Transducers, Sensors, Encoders.

The heart of any control system usually has a human interface that allows the end user to control a range of input devices such as switches, encoders, keypads and even variable voltage & current inputs that require the use of analog sensing using AtoD inputs. Likewise the end user also requires knowledge and information of the current state of a control system, this is usually achieved by means of a range of output devices i.e LEDs, LCD Display Modules, Audible Transducers, DACs etc.
I am fully conversant in all area of Microprocessor I/O design including, General I/O Digital Design, Inputs, Outputs, LCD Displays, LED Displays, Keypads Matrix Design, Opto Isolated Inputs to mention just a few.

KeyPad Design

KeyPad Design & Firmware by Embedded Design Engineer John Heritage  

Embedded IO Design

Embedded Input Output Electronic Design & Firmware by John Heritage   Embedded IO Design