Bespoke Design Services

Bespoke Design Services From John Heritage

As a professional electronics engineer I spend many hours focusing on solving electronic problems with bespoke solutions. My Electronic consultancy services include full bespoke Product Design, Development & Manufacture. Submit Your Requirements

Bespoke Design Services From John Heritage

Bespoke Solutions:

  • Electronic Design
  • Software Development
  • Design for Manufacture



I design products and solutions that balance usability, usefulness, performance, desirability and cost. I also have the knowledge to deliver you products to market faster and on budget. My expertise is wide, and extensive, drawing my knowledge from over 30 years of hands on experience in the electronics field, enabling me to offer a wide range of professional design services.

As well as complete product designs, I am able to offer sub-assembly and module designs these can allow you to get the expertise very easily and quickly for your product. In addition I can provide consultancy, advice, design analysis and on-site design / development.

  • Complete product design
  • Sub-assembly
  • Module
  • Consultancy
  • Analysis
  • On / Off site
  • Bespoke Design Services

I have significant experience in many areas of control electronics, especially embedded microprocessor control system, industrial & commercial control systems, lighting control, Ethernet & CAN based control products and home automation.




Successful CE compliance and approval

RoHS and WEEE compliance

IPC-610 Quality Standard for electronic assemblies

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