About John Heritage

About Me….

About John Heritage

I have been a professional electronics engineer for the last 25 years designing electronic products and offering bespoke technical solutions & innovation. I offer expertise in electronics, embedded systems, application software, user interface & product design using the latest but most applicable technologies in order to bring ‘innovation with purpose’ to their work. My experience, highly-skilled engineering hardware knowledge & library of ‘trusted code & designs’ enables me to provide solutions cost effectively. I believe that success & reward follows not only from creativity & effort but from a working environment which encourages flexibility through close co-operation with our customers & industry partners.

Personal Profile

An enthusiastic professional individual, who possesses excellent communication skills and relates well to people from all backgrounds, I am a confidant, positive, organised, self-motivated person who has the ability to work well in a team, but holds the initiative and innovation to work alone. I am also methodical in both business and personal matters and have the ability to learn with a strong desire to develop further skills and constantly keep up to date with today’s latest technology. I am a good timekeeper and have a personality that shines reliability, politeness, honesty and good managerial skills, being able to work well, and problem solve under the most demanding conditions. I have many years of expertise and experience in electronic design & research, PCB design & prototyping, embedded electronic design of microprocessor and associated peripherals. My electronic talents also extend to fault finding and diagnoses at component level, and electronic problem solving.

Technical Key Skills

    Embedded electronics design engineer, expertise in all areas of electronic with many years of design and fault finding.
    I design daily with an extensive range of 8bit, 16bit and 32bit embedded micro computers (Microchip PIC) and electronics.
    I have extensive knowledge in microprocessor base industrial & commercial control systems & equipment.
    I have expertise in all areas of electronic analogue design, digital design, audio design, power supplies and control electronics.
    Very knowledgeable & confident using In Circuit Emulators (ICE), Programmers and a full range of electronic test equipment.
    Logic analysers and high speed digital storage oscilloscopes always aid me when fault finding high speed digital data.
    Very knowledgeable with the design of CAN bus, SPI bus, I2C bus, UART RS232/485, Differential Line Drivers, A to D IC’s.
    Design knowledge in TTL & CMOS Logic IC’s, decoders, encoders, line drivers, etc.
    Electronic fault finding and diagnostics at component level, using advanced test and workshop lab electronic equipment.
    I have designed 100s of different prototype boards over the years for an array of different design projects.
    Expertise in PCB design layout, PCB cad design drawings, pen plotting outputs & circuit diagrams both SMT & through hole.
    PCB design theory is very important to me ensuring the use of ground planes, keeping tracks short, and avoiding earth loops.
    Full knowledge in programming devices, microprocessor, OTP, memory, EEproms, Eproms, Roms, I2C, SPI Memory.

Design Technology & Hardware

    Working with RS232 / RS422 / RS485 hardware IC’s / transmission standards / protocols.
    I2C Devices / protocols master & slave (Memory / E2Eproms / RTC), SPI / Microwire protocol devices.
    8bit/16bit Parallel Port interface line drivers / serial devices.
    LED seven segment display & driver IC’s / LCD modules, intelligent LCD HD modules.
    Opto coupler design technology, LED optics, Triac isolators, Infra Red design devices.
    Sensors (Temperature / Humidity), Sensor IC’s, One Wire Dallas sensor devices.
    Input design / keypads (scanning technology) & switch design using anti switch bounce design.
    10/12bit A-D Converters / D-A Converters, Parallel & Serial Devices
    Real Time Clocks (RTC) design with SPI/I2C & Dallas 8bit Bus RTC.
    Microprocessors (Watchdog, Oscillators, Status Register, Memory, Interrupts, Counter/Timer, Reset Circuitry, ALU, Stack Reg)
    Power supply design, switching design, buck switch regulation, filters & smoothing.
    Triac mains power switching / dimming, phase control, motor speed control, lighting.
    Embedded CPU design, clock, watchdog, POR, Data Registers, Data Memory, Software Stack, Oscillators, Phase Lock Loop.
    Onboard Processor Peripherals, General I/O Ports, Parallel Master Ports 8bit /16bit, UART Ports RS232/RS485.
    Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) design with many IC components, along with I2C Interface designing, DMX512, DS1302, IrDA,
    JTAG V.2, Microbus, Manchester, PCM, PS2, Serial & Parallel Differential Buses, STbus, USB & USB 2 (OTG), CAN, Ethernet.

Personal Achievements

Young Engineer For Great Britain

In the 1985 my school and electronics teacher entered me as his student for a country wide competition called, ‘Young Engineer For Great Britain’ The regional finals were held in Colchester Essex. My project designs won 1st place in Essex. This automatically entered me in to the national finals for the whole country held at Wembley London. This was a very exciting time for me as there were only 6 finalists at Wembley all hoping for first place. Sadly I only achieved second place, but this was for the whole country, so all in all, not a bad attempt! that said I will always have very fond memories of ‘Young Engineer For Great Britain’.

Radio 1 Roadshow Engineer

In the early 1990’s I was privileged be be involved with Radio 1 and Touring around the country, working alongside the Radio 1 DJ’s on the Radio 1 Roadshow. My role was technical engineer ensuring the lighting and sound equipment was set up and installed correctly. This involved working with high end broadcast equipment and audio equipment from companies such as Matamp. I had very good relations with Mat Amp in Huddersfield and ended up being the South East England Engineer for Mat. This was an exciting time for me as a young engineer working alongside professional DJs such as Gary Davis, Steve Wright, Simon Bates, Dave Lee Travis, to mention a few.

Bespoke Design Of Frank Bruno’s Swimming Pool Control System

Custom designing and overseeing the installation of my Swimming Pool Control System that was installed in Frank Bruno (Boxer) house in Brentwood, Essex. I taylor designed the complete control system for his Swimming Pool, including Cover Control, Pool Heaters & Pump Control, Pool Lighting and Temperature Control. I had a lot of enjoyment knowing my time and effort designing this professional control system was going to good use in a high profile luxury house owned by Frank Bruno, to my knowledge it is still in there today functioning reliably!